Undergraduate* students interested in either a non-paid internship or a course credit opportunity with a VBI research group can apply for this educational opportunity using the link below. For either educational opportunity, the prospective student should identify a research group, and then submit their application materials. Once your application is complete, we will forward it to the appropriate faculty member for review. You should hear back from the faculty within a week. Additional information on VBI research can also be found in the VBI Annual and Scientific Reports.

Materials requested in the online application include:
• Contact Information
• Identify the Research Group you are applying to work with
• Major, or current area of study
• A summary of your research interests
• An up-to-date resume or cv
• A schedule of Hours/Availability

You must currently be a Virginia Tech student to be considered eligible for this program.

Once your application materials have been reviewed by the faculty member(s) of your choice, and if it is determined that you are a fit for the research group or lab that you have applied to, the faculty member(s) will contact you and set up an appointment to meet with you.

*For purposes of this application, an undergraduate student is defined as an eligible student having completed at least one semester at an accredited institution of higher learning. The student may retain eligibility up to and including the semester following graduation.